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College of Foreign Languages

The predecessor of the College of Foreign Languages of Shenyang Normal University, Foreign Language Department was set up in 1953. The college has English I Department (the fundamental stage) and English II Department (the senior stage), Russian Department, Japanese Department, French and German Department etc. five departments and Academy of English and American Literature, Academy of Linguistics, Academy of Foreign Language Education, Academy of Japanese Culture and Multimedia R&D Center etc. six Research Institutes and College Administrative Offices etc. six administrative departments.

The school has six special fields of study like English Teacher Training, English, English Interpretation, Russian, Japanese, French, among which, English specialty is the school-level demonstrating specialty of Shenyang Normal School. The English specialty has been recruiting students in B segment of the first group among the colleges and universities all over the country for the first time since July, 2005.

The college has Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Culture Linguistics etc. two master stations, contemporarily bears the subject teaching (English Education Master) and the right of awarding master degree to on-the-job graduate students with the same educational level basis. The authorization station of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics was divided into five directions such as Common Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, The Theory and Practice of Translation, The Japanese-Chinese Translation and Russian Applied Linguistics etc.; the authorization station of English Literature master is divided into American Literature, English Literature, Culture Criticize, etc. three directions.


After 54 years’ endeavor, the foreign language college formed a teacher group with high learning level, rich experiences in teaching and strong respects for work, we have 113 teaching stuffs on the post, among which, 8 professors, 31 vice professors, 20 lecturers, 22 assistants, 14 teachers of foreign nationalities of English, Japanese and Russian, and 20 administrative stuffs. The college has one provincial level famous teacher, one responsible teacher, three visiting professors, one subject leading person, 17 school-level tutors for postgraduates, 2 teachers on the post have doctor’s degree. There are 1998 full-time students in the school, among which, 1861 students are undergraduates and 137 students are postgraduates.


The foreign language college has advantageous and comfortable teaching and researching environment, it has 21 professor laboratories, 9 language laboratories (with 564 seats), 1 simultaneous interpretation laboratory(with 20 seats), multimedia linguistic laboratory (with 72 seats), digital linguistic laboratory (with 72 seats), 3 multi-functional audio-visual laboratories(with 230 seats), 1Multi-media network classroom (with 72 seats), 1 Electron lesson-preparing classroom, 1 set of incite editing system, 1set of receiving device for satellite programmes,1 set of sound recording system, 1 set of movable multi-media teaching equipment, 2Dell servers, the total value of the teaching and researching instruments is RMB 3,455,000 Yuan. There are 30 kinds of subsistent foreign original science periodical (21 kinds of English, 5 kinds of Japanese, 2 kinds of Russian, 1 kind of French and German,) 19828 volumes of books, more than 4500 sets of videotapes, video materials.