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There are three specialties including computer science and technology, software engineering, information management and information system and six specialty directions including computer application, network technology, electronic commerce, software engineering, information safety, information management and information system, it owns master degree station of computer application. To meet the need of the development of education internationalization, College of Software has conducted cooperation project named 3+2 mode undergraduate and master together, which is signed by Shenyang Normal University, U.K. University of Northumbria, university, and Australia Deakin University, that is to say, the universities home and abroad acknowledge the credit hour of each other, the students study in Shenyang Normal University in the first 3 years, and transfer to University of Northumbria, Deakin University in the fourth and fifth year. After finishing the course and getting the credit hour, they will receive undergraduate bachelor’s degree of Shenyang Normal University and undergraduate bachelor’s degree and master’s degree of the universities home and abroad.

There are over 100 teachers in College of Software, including 5 professors, 20 associate professors, 14 doctors, and most of the teachers are from the companies, with experience of working in the project development, they completely meet the need of teaching, researching, and developing of College of Software.

The building area of the classroom building is 14,000 square meters, which is located in the north of school area of Shenyang Normal University. There are computer rooms which can sit six hundred, 2 professional network engineering laboratories, 4 multimedia language laboratories, digital circuit laboratory, EDA laboratory, analogous circuit laboratory, single chip and interface laboratory, etc. Liaoning Province software opening laboratory is located in our college, there are also some international training and authorized examination center of some famous IT enterprises including MCSE and MCSD of Microsoft, CCNA and CCNP of Cisco, JAVA of SUN, and Oracle.