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Marxism College of Shenyang Normal University was established on the basis of the former Marxism College and Political Education Department of Economy and Management College, which is a teaching and scientific research unit with many features and functions. There is not only public course teaching of Marxism theory, but also professional course teaching of philosophy and ideological politics; there is not only the normal teaching of ideological politics and subject teaching theory, etc., but also non-normal teaching of philosophy and politics, etc.; there is not only full-time cultivation task for undergraduate but also the cultivation function for postgraduate of over ten master programs. The Marxism College after reorganization has more than 60 teaching staffs, including 18 professors, 21 associate professors, 20 doctors (including the one who is studying the doctor’s courses), and 422 undergraduates, 168 postgraduates and over 300 undergraduates of ideological and political education taught by correspondence. There are four research centers including philosophy, Marxism theory, politics and environmental education and employment guide, three teaching departments including Political Education Department, Teaching Department I of Marxism Theory and Teaching Department II of Marxism Theory. Otherwise, Liaoning Provincial Society for Dialectics of Nature, Liaoning Provincial Ethnics Society and Liaoning Provincial Confucius Institute are all established in the college.

Specialties in our college contain four first-class subjects like philosophy, Marxism theory, politics and pedagogy, and nine master’s degree programs, two subject directions of master’s degree program and one education master’s degree program. Of which, there are four master’s degree programs in philosophy, including scientific technology philosophy, ethnics, Chinese philosophy and Marxism philosophy; there are three master’s degree programs in Marxism theory, including basic principle of Marxism, concrete application of Marxism in china and ideological and political education; there are two master’s degree programs in politics, including history of the Communist Party of China and political theory; and there are two subject directions of education master including environmental education and education of quality and innovation. Stable research features and academic advantages of every specialty have been formed through over ten years’ subject construction. Master’s degree programs of scientific technology philosophy is one of the longest established master’s degree programs in our university, has successively enrolled ten sessions of postgraduates and cultivated nearly 100 excellent master postgraduates of philosophy, which has been a key subject in our university. Postgraduates cultivated in the master’s degree program in ethnics have high quality and broad employment prospect due to great social demand, and the state of good enrollment of students and employment has always been kept. Especially, as one subject direction of master cultivation of “curriculum and teaching theory” in our school - Environmental Education is a fire-new subject direction in our country at present, and cultivation and construction of the master’s degree program in our college is in the leading position at home. The subject direction of employment guide and enterprise education was approved in 2004, which is a leading master specialty at home jointly established by Liaoning Provincial Employment Guidance and Service Center for Graduates of Higher School with us and it is also the first master’s degree program of the subject at home.

Otherwise, our college currently has nearly 60 students of education master and 17 instructors, including 10 professors, 4 associate professors and 10 doctors. We arrange the professional teachers with highest academic level and best teaching effect to teach in the first line of teaching, every degree course is taken charge of by two professors at least and other courses are taught by professors or teachers with doctor’s degree. Marxism College after reorganization pays more attention to the subject construction of education master, and appoints the major instructors of the former the master’s degree program in ideological and political education to the team cultivating education master, which improves the academic connotation of the subject much more.

Undergraduate program of ideological and political education was established in 1953, which was one of the first batch of undergraduate specialties after the foundation of our university, with 54 years’ long history. It currently has 422 students and has trained up over 2, 000 graduates and dispatched many excellent talents to many party and government organs, public institutions, universities and middle schools. Ideological and political education is a traditional normal specialty of our university and also an advantageous undergraduate program. The graduates cultivated have high qualities, strong ability and have been appraised highly by employment units, and they have good social credit and the rate of postgraduate-study admission and employment are always in the leading position in the university. To suit the new situation of education development, we have extended the school-running form and function. Being entrusted by the Educational Department of Liaoning Province, we add the specialty direction of university tutors on the basis of the current specialty of ideological and political education from 2005, which mainly refers to that select excellent fresh graduates from higher occupational education and they can be engaged in the management of students in their former schools through our two-year cultivation of undergraduate phase. At present, the number of students is up to 93. The college explores new cultivation mode actively in order to well operate the specialty direction. We are now struggling to improve the quality of cultivation and create specialty features and brand effect by changing course arrangement, reforming examination method, improving practice link and implementing tutor system so as to become an excellent specialty direction all over the province and even the country.