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College of Sociology

The predecessor of the college of sociology is the department of sociology, which was established in 1986, and set up undergraduate course of specialty of sociology in 1987, which is among the 13 colleges and universities that first develop education of sociology specialty after the rebuilding of the subject of sociology. We gained the right of awarding master degree of sociology specialty, which became the provincial key subject in 2002, and became the main research base of humanistic social sciences of colleges and universities in Liaoning province in 2005.

Under the new historical condition, the construction of harmonious society, the innovation of social management style, the construction of magnificent talent group for social works make sociology becomes a famous subject. After years of accumulation and construction, the college has formed a professional dedicated, high-efficiency, systematic and professional teaching research group. The teachers of College of Sociology have been awarded 5 national social science funds subjects continually, undertook more than 30 items of provincial and municipal scientific research and international cooperative projects, a number of high-level science achievements were published and reprinted in “China Social Science”, “Research on Sociology”, “Xinhua Journal” “China Social Science Journal” etc. authoritative science publications.

For recent years, the quality of education teaching is exalted continuously; the proportion of undergraduate who had taken for postgraduate entrance examinations came out top in Shenyang Normal University for many years, the full statement of employment rate kept above 90%. The students with master degrees mainly took up occupations in colleges and universities, Party and government departments; the high-level employments have called attentions to sociology from all circles of the society.