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College of Teachers' Professional Development

There are 7 departments and sections including Preschool Education Department, Elementary Education Department, Humanism Education Department and Science Education Department, Teaching and Research Section of Pedagogy, Teaching and Research Section of Psychology and Teaching and Research Section of Art Education; 7 research institutes including Child Development and Education Research Institute, Curriculum and Teaching Theory Research Institute, Science Laboratory of Teacher Education, Teacher Education Information Center, Teachers’ Skill Training Center, Buyue Studio, Danqing Studio; and 3 administrative organizations including Executive Office, Educational Administration Office and Youth League Committee. In addition, Liaoning Province Women Theory Research Base is also in the college.

The college has many subjects, such as pedagogy, psychology, human culture, science and art, etc., which guarantees that the teacher education of our college can developed rapidly on the platform of high-level discipline. There are 2 second-class discipline master’s degree programs in development and education psychology and preschool education; 6 master’s degree granting programs in subject curriculum and teaching theory, i.e., the curriculum and teaching theory of math, physics, biology, chemistry, computer and ideological politics, etc.; and 4 undergraduate specialties like preschool education, primary school education, humanism education and science education, of which, primary school education and preschool education were appraised as the model specialty of Shenyang Normal University in 2006.

The college has a teacher team with strong teaching and scientific research strength, optimized structure of discipline and age, reasonable structure of professional title and great academic achievements. There are 53 full-time teachers, of which, 12 are professors, 24 have associate title of senior professional post, 17 have the professional titles of lecturer or below; one has been awarded the 2nd prize of State Zeng Xianzi’ Education Prize and one has been awarded the 3rd prize, eight have the post of director of state level professional and academic committee, one is the model worker of Liaoning Province, one is the outstanding expert of Shenyang City, one is the outstanding science and technology worker of Shenyang City, one is selected in the “Millions of Talent Project” of Liaoning Province, 15 have the post of director or above of province level professional and academic committee and three are the responsible professors of school level, eight are doctors or the one who is studying the doctor’s courses and 26 are masters or the one who is studying the master’s courses. In addition, the college has engaged about 10 well-known experts and professors of higher education and basic education at home and in the province as guest professor and part-time professor and more than 100 prominent talents and excellent teachers engaging in middle school, primary school and preschool education in the province as professional tutors of normal students.