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Over the years, the student professional development has been considered as the core task of the university. We have continuously conducted the mode innovation of the student professional development through the constantly-enhanced management and the highly-increased investment and support. Our disciplines and programs for international students focus on the combination of language and culture and the integration of classroom teaching and extracurricular practice as the general mechanism. The composing of cultivation schemes contains sinology, national condition, history, geography, folklore, and other cultural subjects, listed as compulsory courses or optional courses. Chinese culture courses and relevant practice activities account for more than 20% of total credits, in order to guarantee normalization in daily life of foreign students.

We promote colorful pragmatic methods for culture-oriented education, including Chinese calligraphy, reciting ancient poetry and idioms, retelling stories, learning musical instruments and Taichi. After years of exploration, the enthusiasm on learning Chinese culture is encouraged through campus activities; the "Language + Culture + Skills" training model is basically formed and playing an active role.LIVING IN SNUAlthough Shenyang is one of the biggest cities in China, the cost of living is considerably lower compared with other big cities. In addition, the tuition of our university is lower than other universities throughout China. Therefore the cost of study in our university is relatively lower.



(1) Tuition, accommodation fee, insurance for major illnesses and accidental injury.(unit: yuan RMB)

Unit: yuan RMB/person/year

(2) Health examination fee: RMB 679 Per person

(3) Visa fee: RMB 400 within 1 year, RMB 800 between 1-3 years, RMB 1000 between 3-5 years. (Subject to changes)

(4) Course book fee: To be charged at practical prices

1. No tuition fee, accommodation fee, insurance

2. Offering living cost Master and General Scholars: 3000RMB per month Undergraduates and advanced students in Chinese: 2500RMB per month


1. No tuition fee, accommodation fee, insurance

2. Offering living cost: 2500RMB per month


At SNU you will enjoy a relaxed, comfortable environment while you study, and you will become part of a friendly campus community.

It offers various facilities, including:

Four living communities Two dormitory buildings for international students.

Four dining halls Sports and leisure facilities (gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool and so on)

Libraries Cafes and bars Paleontology Museum


All the materials are supposed to be offered either in Chinese or in English. It includes:

1. Shenyang Normal University International Student Application Form (

2. Copies of passport photo page and visa blank page (If the photo page and the personal information page do not coincide, the personal information should also be offered.)

3. Resume (

4. Financial guarantee (for self-sponsoring students)

5. The highest educational certification having been notarized and double authenticated. (Any version not in Chinese or English should be attached to the notarization of the translated version in Chinese or English.)

6. Any transcript not in Chinese or English should be attached to the notarization of the translated version in Chinese or English.

7. The applicants who demand Chinese for language instruction should present their HSK or BCT grading certificate or transcript.

Application date

1.The deadline for the Chinese Government Scholarship (independent recruitment project) is March 30th each year.

2.The application deadline for self-financed international students is June 30th each year.

3. The application deadline for Chinese language students and short-time advanced students is : Spring semester: December 31th Autumn semester: June 30th


Step1 select your course

Step2 Find out all the costs

Step3 Submit your application(including all the application materials)

Step4 Receive an assessment outcome

Step5 Accept your offer(including Admission Notice and JW 202Form)

Step6 Apply for your visa

Step7 Plan your arrival

Step8 Attend orientation and commence classes

SNU has independent enrollment eligibility to accept scholarships from both the Chinese government and the Confucius institute. Scholarship applicants should first enroll in application on the internet ( The enrollment code of Shenyang Normal University is 10166. After successful net application, please print and present the application form, and then post it together with all the paper materials mentioned above to International Exchange and Cooperation Department Office SYU. Self-sponsoring students will present one copy and the Chinese Government Scholarship applicants will present two copies. None of the materials of applications will be returned no matter whether you are admitted or not.



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